Audi RS5 vs. BMW M3

Audi RS5 and BMW M3 are considered as two of the greatest and most amazing performance cars in Europe. However, how do they fare when compared against each other? These cars were taken 30 miles of valleys and hills, equipped with 20 miles range within the tanks, and an amazing contrast of 140mph. A good road trip with these two cars was what was necessary in order to unravel the capabilities of each car.

Features and Capabilities

There has been a huge excitement surrounding the flagship performance models under Audi. Even though the RS2 was considered as an illegitimate child in alliance with Porsche, the Quattro GmbH controlled the B5 RS4, continuing further the trend for more exciting models, which eventually included the RS5. The 2013 RS5 is considered as the first to replicate the original formula for the Audi Quattro. As a matter of fact, the RS5 also shares same blistered fenders in acknowledgements to its origin. Rather than using the five-cylinder turbo motor (20V), this model uses a version that was updated. The specification clearly shows that Audi used the model BMW M3 as the gauge during the development of their model.

Other strike features in comparing Audi RS5 vs. BMW M3 include the Google Earth navigation of Audi which is perfect, as it includes Bluetooth, HD ration, parking camera, great B&O sound system, voice control, as well as Audi connect. Even though BMW M3 seemed to be the stripped-down version, it is equipped with apps which allow you to access Facebook feeds, web radio, news, and others, through your phone.

While both of these models come with great seats, chunky steering wheels as well as good positioning, it was the M3 that comes with a very conventional handbrake system. At the same time, it is also the only one that comes with an option for manual transmission. Even though both of them have dual-clutch, and semi-automatic solutions, it was confirmed by BMW that they will continue to provide manual transmission to users who want to keep it.

Highway Scene

Starting the Audi RS5 releases a loud snarl which then continues to a deep rumble. When placed in sport mode, its dual-clutch gearbox does really well in making the driver feel like in a car race. The exhaust note was relatively deeper, richer and louder, as compared to the M3. However, when doing an Audi RS5 vs. BMW M3 side-by-side comparison, RS5 was more restrained, with enjoyable mechanical voice. All in all, car experts cast their vote to RS5 in terms of sound transmission. On the other hand, M3 gets the hand when it comes to stability in its chassis, with the fact that it is more entertaining to drive.


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