Important Tips to Maximise the Fuel-Efficiency of Audi Sports Car

Are you aware that getting a proper service on your car can improve its fuel efficiency to up to 10%?  The fuel consumption can also increase up to 5% in the event of a 0.5 drop on the finest tyre pressure.  Ensuring that your Audi Sports Car is fuel efficient will not only save you a hefty amount of money and reduce the level of carbon emission and guarantees that your car will be in its optimal state.  Here are some of the most essential tips that Audi Company is recommending to keep your car fuel-efficient.

Analyse the Level of your Engine Oil

One of the most important procedures in order to keep your car fuel efficient would be to check the level of the engine oil when you are refilling the fuel.  This is not only useful in ensuring the efficiency of the car, but it is also a way to check that the engine is in a great condition.  To the owners of the Audi Sports Car, there is a more convenient way of checking the level of the engine oil by utilising the digital MMI display.  Carefully read your maintenance and warranty pamphlet, the intervals of changing the engine oil should be specified there.  Make sure that it should only be changed by a certified dealer of Audi.  This is very essential as the lubrication of the engine reduces while the engine is in use.

Perform Tyre Pressure Check at Least Twice per Month

The tyre pressure has a significant impact in the fuel efficiency of the Audi Sports Car. By decreasing at 0.5 levels, the consumption of fuel can increase as much as 5%.  The resistance level on the tyre will increase causing the engine to use up more fuel than necessary.  It also results in a higher wearing and tearing of the car and creates a weaker grip.  In order to ensure that the tires are pumped good, Audi is recommending you to take them in an Audi Service team at least twice per month.

Schedule Servicing

Audi Service
Audi Service

Audi Sports Car that is serviced poorly has a tendency to consume at least 10% of fuel.  This is why the Audi Service is recommending you to conduct a regular servicing and check-up in order to guarantee the road safety and fuel efficiency of the car.  For people who owned an Audi car, the company is advising you to take your care to an authorised service centre annually or every time that the car will achieve an additional 15,000 km in order to keeps it in an ideal driving condition.  An engine in a great condition also consumes fuel efficiently.

Finally, the more recent version of the Audi Sports Car has an innovative start-stop framework that can decrease the carbon emission and improve the usage of fuel.  There is also a displayed energy consumption which will allow you to see all the system that utilises fuel.  This can help you to reduce the equipment that uses energy.

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